Humans- Who created this marvelous world of amusements which every day helps us to live and go beyond the limits and invent something new. We got problems and solved like a hero. Do you think that…


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QuarkChain ICO Address to contribute for ROUND 2. QuarkChain website is down due to heavy traffic.

QuarkChain website is down due to heavy traffic. Round 2 of the Crowdsale is now LIVE.

You may start contributing to the Official QuarkChain ETH ICO Address below.

Official QuarkChain Round 2 ICO Contribution Address:


The whitelist results has been published. Congratulations on our lucky supporters who won the lottery!

We really appreciate everyone who put efforts in this public sale. Our team has been working extremely hard to maintain the fairness throughout our ICO process. We understand that some people may be disappointed for losing the lottery. To show our good faith, the team has decided that all KYC scores (the final scores including 3 parts) will be stored and converted to credits in our testnet bounty program as well as a prioritization baseline on future airdrops. Details will be announced when the public testnet is online. We want to make sure that all the efforts you made will be counted!

This article mainly describes what the QuarkChain (QKC) token sale process will entail.

Thank you again for supporting us through our public sale. A great journey has just begun and we will make there together with your continuous support!

QuarkChain Team

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